HELP I’ve been hacked

HELP I’ve been hacked. Virus Recovery and Fraud Protection.

Help I’ve been hacked is a common phrase. It’s on the news nearly everyday. Virus Recovery and Fraud Protection is right up there in my main weekly job list. With so many free anti virus and anti-malware products on the market, I’m still surprised how many machines are still left unprotected. Sure Win 10 comes with windows defender, but its low end and probably better than nothing I suppose. Because of the sheer amount of Windows users, Microsoft’s operating system is frequently made the target of hackers and virus creators. If Windows Defender is your only line of defence, I’d still recommend upgrading to a standalone security program. And PC users with versions of Windows prior to Windows 8 should certainly install separate security software – nowadays, Microsoft Security Essentials just isn’t watertight enough.
So, let’s look at it from a different perspective. What is your data and files worth to you.

How to know if you’ve been hacked

Worried you’ve been hacked? Use this site to find out and protect yourself

These days, data breaches are happening more often — and they are increasingly more worrisome. After all, how are you supposed to protect your passwords and log-in information when they are being stolen directly from company databases that you have no control over? And how can you know if you’ve been hacked?

Have I Been Pwned? 

Have I Been Pwned is one of the oldest, most popular, and best sites in the game. The site works hard to track down breaches, verify them as legitimate, and nab data so you can check it out.

Once you visit the site, you’ll be greeted with a basic search bar and a list of the latest and largest breaches. Just type in your email or username, and the site will search the breached data and showcase any red flags. You can also search more sensitive breaches, but only if you take the time to verify your email address. There’s also an option to deep link straight to a particular account, so you can instantly bring up results for one particular email address if you plan on doing a lot of repeated searches. And if you sign up for email alerts, you’ll be notified as soon as your email address is found in a new breach, allowing you to quickly change your password before any damage can be done.

Anti Virus and Malware programmes

What do you get with a good Anti-Virus programme. Ant-malware and fraud protection. Password vault and a Folder shield to stop ransomeware. All for less than £40 And you have peace of mind. Weigh that up against the cost of losing your data altogether, or having to pay someone like me to remove the offending item and get you up and running again.

Coinmining Zombie

This is a fast emerging threat, and you don’t even know you have been CryptoJacked. Symptoms are a slow running computer, but this can extend to other devices. Tablets and smart phones are not immune. Easy to check and as easy to fix. But be very wary what you browse online.


Have you had the phone call from the Bank, BT or Microsoft that there is a problem with your computer or Broadband? They purport to be engineers of said companies and offer to fix this by remote access. DON’T DO IT.

This is by far the most common attack I have to rectify. If this has happened to you, and that’s why you’re reading this, Turn your computer off. Phone the bank and get your account locked. If you have access to another computer log into as many accounts as you can and change your passwords.

This is not a virus attack, it’s a service you have granted the hackers/fraudsters so anti-virus will not prevent it. It will remain on your computer and initiate every time you boot up, so sending an endless stream of all your information to someone in a foreign land wanting to get rich.

Here are some links if you want more information

This is a great read on Internet Security. How to keep your home Internet safe and secure

BT Fraud Scam

Malware and Fraud Scams

Computer Takeover Remote access Scams


Virus Recovery and Fraud Protection No more ransom
Virus Recovery and Fraud Protection Help unlocking your ransom


Prevention is possible. Following simple cyber security advice can help you to avoid becoming a victim of ransomware.


Unfortunately, in many cases, once the ransomware has been released into your device there is little you can do unless you have a backup or security software in place.


Nevertheless, it is sometimes possible to help infected users to regain access to their encrypted files or locked systems, without having to pay. I have access to a repository of keys and applications that can decrypt data locked by different types of ransomware

More Information here for Ransomeware

Virus Recovery and Fraud Protection, has any of this has happened to you, or do you want advice. A maximum security programme installing or removal of any nasties that have infected your machine, I’m here to help. DON’T PANIC. Give me a call.

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