Windows 7 End of Life Support and Recommendations

Windows 7 End of Life Support. If you’re still running Windows 7, you are now officially living on borrowed time. As of Jan. 14, Microsoft has cut off extended support for the aging operating system.

Though Windows 7 computers will continue to run and function as always, they’ll be more vulnerable to security flaws.

That’s because the end of extended support means no more Windows 7 bug fixes, security updates, or other patches from Microsoft.

With hackers and cybercriminals now eyeing Windows 7 as a juicy target, all it takes is one attack or flaw to compromise a machine and an entire network.

Windows 7 End of Life Support.

Here are your Options.

  1. Continue to use windows 7, make sure you have good anti-virus and malware installed and it’s up to date. Be extra careful what sites you visit and do not open any emails or attachments you don’t recognise. (This is the cheapest choice as it costs you nothing. But have you got peace of mind)
  2. Upgrade to Windows 10. Win 10 is still available for free if you’re in the know. So don’t get conned by someone trying to sell it to you. A quick check of your computer / laptop will confirm compatibility. If compatible an upgrade installation of Win 10 will take about 4 hours, depending on the speed of the machine. (This is the next best option as your only upgrading your O/S. You won’t lose any files, programmes or data. So only a charge for labour is involved)
  3. Upgrade to Windows 10 as above. But a downside is that your computer will probably run a lot slower. To overcome this and supercharge your machine it is recommended that a new Hard Drive (SSD) is fitted. These run about 10 times faster than a standard HDD and a 250gb SSD is now under £30. This is by far the best way to go, but the information from your old drive will need to be transferred to the new one. So it is more labour intensive plus the cost of the new drive.

Approximate costs involved are dependent on machine and amount of data involved

Option 1) Free

Option 2) From £45

Option 3) From £90

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